A drop in the ocean
The artists of 'Syddjurs' exhibits at Easter as usual at Fuglsø Center. This year under the theme "Rethink art Syddjurs". Kens contribution to the joint exhibition under this theme is limited to two drops of water. However, these two drops are close to 125 cm in height. The two drops should remind us of our shared responsibility to maintain the clean water, in the context that we may sometimes feel that our daily responsibility is just like a drop in the ocean and is irrelevant... The drops are done on processed MDF fiber boards and then painted.

New Award
In March 2017, Ken Zier received an award at the "Syddjurs Awards" event. It's the second time Ken has been awarded this prize. The first time for his project "One Man One Beach" and the project "Helt ude på Helgenæs".
New project from the west coast of Norway
Ken Zier has spend two months over the summer along the west coast of Norway, concluding the trip with a fortnight stay in an artist lodge on the island of Lofoten. The paintings from this project will be exhibited in Denmark in March/April 2017 and subsequently in Gallery Arctandria in Oslo 22 April - 14 May 2017. An illustrated book will eventually be produced with paintings from the project, although Ken also has plans of returning to Norway for a winter trip, so perhaps the book will be produced after this. The project can be followed on the Facebook page "Portræt af Norges vestkyst" (in danish) and on Kens own Facebook page. The finished paintings can also be seen on the for sale page on this site.
New exhibition and book release
Two years has passed since Ken Ziers large project One Man One Beach. Now he is back with a new project and yet again he has been absorbed in covered a limited geographical area over about a years time. This time the peninsula of Helgenæs which is located in the southern end of Djursland, Denmark. The project has been named 'Helt ude på Helgenæs' which can be translated as 'Way out on Helgenæs'. The exhibition runs from 12-18 October in Ovalen in Fuglsøcenteret, Dragsmurvej 6, 8420 Knebel. Opening times are daily from 10am-4pm. In connection with the exhibition a new book has been released with the 33 paintings from the project. The book can be purchased here.
Hempel Calender 2015
The coatings supplier Hempel can celebrate its 100 year anniversary this year and yet again Ken Zier is the artist behind their annual calendar. The subjects this time is years that has had a special significance throughout the company's 100 year history. As usual, told through Ken`s ship portraits and editor Bernt Kures text. The paintings are all acquired by Hempel, but can be seen in the gallery here.
Hempel Calender 2014
Again the calender from Hempel is on its way out and once again Ken Zier is the artist behind the 6 new paintings. The theme for this year is "Revolutionary Ships". The cover shows the first ship build for container transport "Fairland" from 1955.

All painting can be seen here.
New book by Ken Zier
The book "One Man One Beach" which is a collection of paintings from the yearly project with the same name can now be bought. Throughout an entire year from august 2012 to august 2013, the artist have each week commited himself to paint one subject from the same spot on the beach of Lyngsbæk. A total of 52 paintings is contained in the book with a small description of each painting. The introduction is written by former manager of the Glass Museum in Ebeltoft Dagmar Brendstrup.

More information on book sale
One Man One Beach Exhibition
There will be one chance to see all the paintings together from the One Man One Beach project . An exhibition will be held in the oval room in Fuglsoecentret, which is situated at the edge of the National Mountains of Mols.

The exhibitin will run during the autumn break from 12-20o october. Opening times are daily from 10am - 17pm.

Visit the website of Fuglsoecentret for more information on the place and for direction:
A Small Piece of News

Last year Ken Zier participated in the 33rd International Marine Art Exhibition in Mystic Seaport north of New York. The exhibition was followed by another exhibition "Marine Miniatures" where Ken participated with two small works. The exhibition ran til 7 April. The invitation to this exhibition gave Ken the idea for a new type of paintings "Mantelpiece Blocks" which are small works painted on a black angular block that can stand on the mantelpiece or it can hang on the wall. The blocks each measure 12x17x3.5cm. Price is euro 200.00 each. Check out the small paintings here.
Hempel Calender 2013

For the third year in a row Ken Zier is the artist behind Hempels Calender. The theme for this year is "Mega Ships". The cover features the massive crane vessel THIALF in the dusk of evening light.

All painting can be seen here.
Ken Zier's Marathon project

The beach of Lyngsbæk in the cove of Ebeltoft, will be my focal point of interest for the next year, from where I have decided to make a painting once a week. An idea that has been underway for several years and that will be followed up by a book published by the end of the project in autumn 2013. The project is a silent protest against the confusing lives that many of us live. The time has come to rediscover the beauty of our backyard, or at our local beach.

Follow the project on and read more about the idea behind and why I so radically have chosen to limit my scope of motives for the next years time.

Patchwork Paintings
The large series of 'patchwork' paintings has been completed and mounted in their offices in Copenhagen.

New commissioned work

Ken is at present busy with a large commissioned work for a nordic IT company which involves a patchwork of smaller paintings put together within two large rectangular boards. Ken has constructed a special easel to accommodate the large format work. Watch this space for the final result of the paintings!
Hempel Calender 2012

The Hempel Calendar for 2012 has now been published and the theme for this years calendar is Oceanographic Research Vessels. Among the six ship portraits is Jacques Cousteau`s famous ship Calypso which was the turning point of many of the documentaries about the underwater sea life.

Now it's possible to buy paintings from the calendar 2011 and 12. The paintings can be seen here. Please contact Ken directly on for information on price.

Hempel Calender 2012

Ken Zier is yet again the artist behind the Hempel Calender. He presently works on 6 new paintings for the calender 2012. The theme is still a well kept secret but will be revealed in the autumn.

BOOT Dusseldorf

Yet again BOOT Dusseldorf is hosting a large maritime exhibition. Ken Zier is working around the clock to finish paintings for the exhibition which runs 22-20 January. Ken is represented by the dutch gallery De Scheepskamer but will be at the stand himself on the first day saturday. There will be around 15 new works on the exhibition - among them a ship portrait from the Hempel calendar 2011.
Last Glint of the Sun

On the weekend of 27-28 November Ken Zier will host a special exhibition with new paintings with the tilte 'Last Glint of the Sun'. Visit the exhibition and get a last 'glint' of light before we go towards the darker winter months. The exhibition will be open both days from 11-17.
Evening Beach Walk
Ken Zier behind international calendar

Ken Zier has the last 6 months been working on a series of motives for the well known marine calendar from Hempel. 6 large paintings has been produced with tug boats as the theme. Besides Ken as a painter the calendar issue for 2011 also has Bernt Kure as writer and editor. One of the paintings feature the local tug boat Sct Knud which can be seen here. In 1984 Sct. Knud tugged The Frigate "Jylland" on its last journey to the dry dock in Ebeltoft.
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